Start offering your customers cloud hosting instantly with the ElasticStack cloud platform. Deployable within days, no specialist hardware requirements, sophisticated web interface.

Offer your customers cutting-edge cloud hosting in days

with no upfront investment

Proven turnkey cloud platform
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supporting ElasticHosts cloud servers in the UK and US since 2008

Deployment within days under your brand
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full setup and customization included, so that you can enter the cloud market immediately

No upfront investment, no expensive specialist hardware
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runs entirely on commodity server hardware (no SAN/NAS) with prices that scale as your cluster size grows

Easy-to-use scalable cloud servers
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easy-to-use web control panel and API so your customers have full control over their cloud servers

Ultra-modern virtualization back-end
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built on the most advanced Linux KVM virtualization, supporting any OS with no special drivers

Fully managed operations & cloud-in-a-box solutions
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fully managed cloud allows your staff to concentrate on your customers: cloud-in-a-box solutions offer hardware optimised for best price/performance

Cloud hosting software for many needs

Existing hosting providers
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launch your own cloud server products and start gaining market share

Cloud startups
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enter the cloud market immediately, giving you first-mover advantage over local competitors

Private clouds
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offer cloud servers within your enterprise, hosted from your own data centre

Powering award-winning clouds

Offer own-brand cloud computing services powered by the same technology as ElasticHosts, winner of the award for Best Cloud Service at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2010.

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Customer testimonials

"Building our cloud computing services on an existing platform helps us bring cutting-edge products to market swiftly, giving us a significant competitive advantage in our markets."

Dave Cummings, Open Hosting Inc