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Start offering cloud servers

The ElasticStack cloud platform makes it quick, easy and low-cost to offer your customers cloud hosting. No expensive specialist hardware, no upfront investment, and the confidence of fully managed operations if you wish.

Unlike many of our competitors, the ElasticStack cloud platform does not require any expensive specialist hardware.

You can run ElasticStack on standard commodity server hardware, scaling horizontally, without the need to invest in expensive SAN/NAS equipment.

This keeps your technical costs low and reduces your barriers to entering the cloud market.

Pre-selected cloud hardware: Cloud-in-a-box

If you would prefer to invest in specially selected, optimised cloud computing hardware, then please see details of our cloud-in-a-box solution.

In partnership with Very PC, we offer complete hardware and software solutions, carefully optimised to run ElasticStack with the best price/performance. See more about cloud-in-a-box solutions.

Self-selected hardware

The minimum cluster required for our turnkey cloud platform is one virtualization host, one management server and a single switch - so the entry point for hardware investment is very low.

Extra virtualization hosts can be added at any time after the cluster has been set up. This means that you can enter the cloud market on a small scale initially, and scale up easily as required.

We handle all installation and management of our cloud platform on your hardware as part of our fully managed operations.

We are happy to provide more details on request. Please contact sales@elasticstack.com.